We develop quality cross-platform software
applications using cutting-edge technology.


Software as a Service

Modern software solution for your enterprise business. We build cross-platform software products according to your business rules in everyday work routine. SaaS products will be built from scratch based on microservices architecture, SOA or Monolith following Software Development Life Cycle and best practices of DevOps. We deliver quality and scalable SaaS products.


We provide professional cybersecurity consulting, planning, analyzing and executing comprehensive security coverange solutions including:

  • Penetration Tests & Vulnerability Management
  • Security Code Review
  • Network Security Monitoring

Mobile Apps

From UI and UX to the implementation of the mobile app including API integration, we bring to you quality native or hybrid mobile applications using modern technologies for Android and iOS. We will try to turn your idea into an intuitive application that your customers enjoy while using it.


We build custom and scalable IoT platforms, including hardware integration and software implementation. Implementation of IoT platforms vary based on your business requirements, some of the features of an IoT platform are: remote control, real-time monitoring functions, configurable alerts and notifications, integration with consumers smartphones and other devices.



NextCab is a Payment Software Solution that brings a new and very easy way of paying the taxi fares using QR codes. This project is already implemented for Golden Taxi company based in Prishtina. Admin use the web manager to manage users, bonuses, customers and drivers, monitor, filter and get reports for transactions. Taxi driver use their mobile app to do payments/deposits for customers.

Status: Production
Platforms: Web and Mobile


NxHR is a Human Resources Management Solution that offers an easy way of managing and hiring candidates. Recruitment Agencies can sign up, add and manage their candidates for full-time or freelance. Companies that are interested for hiring can sign up and start using quick or advanced search to find specific candidates that are interested to hire. Companies use Contact Agency feature to contact directly that candidate's agency within software. Software is implemented for Consulting and More company based in Switzerland.

Status: Production
Platform: Web


Questus is a Building Management Software Solution that offers an easy way of handling tenant's complaints in a building that is managed by supervisors and real-estate company. Tenant use their mobile app to send complaints by making appointments about any damage that occur to them. Supervisor use mobile app to manage their tenants, approve appointments according to tenant's complaints...

Status: Development
Platform: Web and Mobile


Our company's culture is bonded tight with work discipline. Our team has professional members that work hard and with passion. Our company provides quality software solutions for your personal or business purposes. Using Agile and DevOps as two modern methodologies we can tackle easily every problem in every phase of the software development process. Agile improves the way of collaboration in team by organizing tasks into sprints, and DevOps with its practices improves the way of developing, testing and deployment.

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